STALKER Outdoors®

Our mission is to provide all lovers of the great wilderness with the keys to get closer to their home shores. Be authentic. Be connected to your wild instincts. 'Born for the Outdoors', is more than a slogan. It is a lifestyle.

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We are obsessed with only one thing: to make simple and effective products . We are looking to make high-performance tools that are not cheap trinkets. Our identity, we draw it from the practice of Fly Fishing, a passion which requires a calm temperament and an ability to reduce our actions to the minimum essential to achieve the objective of catching those elusive fish.

 The story of STALKER Mad Boats® started with STALKER ARCHERY®, STALKER Mad Baits® and STALKER Mad Bike®. Those brands create our World and follow the lines of our Father & Son life principles that we decided to gather under one identity we named STALKER Outdoors® .

Our hunting ethic, no offense to those who don't eat meat, consists in getting as close as possible to that deer we have dreamt so much about, or trying hard to succeed in going unnoticed in the middle of a group of wild boars finding ourselves miles away from the nearest road. Hunting provides us with the freedom most humans can not have access to in our modern society. It is the last opened door to understand our basic needs.

Death is not necessary to Hunting, nevertheless it will always exist and must be interpreted with hindsight. The human being is sanitized from suffering to such an extent that he forgets his horrible natural bestiality. The Hunt teaches one the mastery of this bestiality and undermines human ignorance in the face of the cruelty of life. It also reminds us of where we come from, and hence point us towards the path we must follow.

Our Church is the Wilderness.

Bow hunting consists of observing an objective, structuring a strategy and getting to work step by step to reach it. This philosophy that my father and I share when Hunting, also applies to Fishing but also, in our case, has always translated in life and in our approach to business.

Fishing is the most challenging environment for us to comprehend. Fish instincts are often far from our mammal nature, creating a real intellectual fight in our inner selves when trying to catch the one fish we like to call "of a lifetime". It is the origin of our nature to be able to catch wild species and challenge our human abilities, trying to remember techniques we used to know generations and generations ago. Still, every single fishing session is a new chapter in the book of Life where we take the time to talk to our inner self while trying to catch fish.

I consider myself a passing tenant in this vast world. The desire to create new things with an assumed identity; which may not be to everyone's appeal, and I may understand that; is for me a lifting of the sword towards the barriers preventing one's true identity from growing and expressing itself with honesty. My father and I have had too often, and reluctantly, to make concessions on our visions of innovation in a large number of more or less technical fields. We are now old enough to collaborate with science and wish to share our capacities to create all of the connected universes that are brought to y'all with STALKER Outdoors®.

I hope you ride with the same instinct as we do on these boats or ebikes. I hope you will cast our lures with dedication and shoot our broadheads with precision.

I wish you to bite into life with hunger and appetite.



(Father & Son, Founders of STALKER Outdoors®)


Stalker outdoors | stalkeroutdoor | stalkeroutdoors | stalker outdoors

Cyrille (The Father), on a cold fishing day in France in 2020.

Stalker outdoors | stalkeroutdoor | stalkeroutdoors | stalker outdoors | stalker outdoor | stalker outdors

Andrew (The Son), on an impromptu fishing session in Utah, USA in 2019.