Our Story. Our Brand.

My dad is a hunter, a bow hunter, and all throughout my young years hunting was this thing we did together. It was our reason to live and work or be good at school. I started archery when I was 7. My dad started bow hunting in his early 20s in the early year 1982 in France where he was born. At that time bow hunting was illegal in France and buying a bow relied on some very good friends in the USA who could organize logistics for him and get the gear he needed. I grew up with his stories about bow hunting for wild boar with his first Puma bow and Easton arrows. In the early 1990s, my dad started an international hunting outfitting business in Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay. He fell in love with Uruguay and... met my mom. I was then born in 1996. 
My dad told me stories about how he got really into archery hunting since my very early years.  He always explained me he was looking for something that could fuel his veins with adrenalin after using a rifle and a shotgun for such a long time during his years organizing hunting and fishing trips across South America and Africa for his clients. When I was about 4 years old, I remember asking him when I would be able to have a bow so we could go bow hunting together. We were living in a flat with my mother and didn't have a yard at that time. Shortly after I was born, my father stopped his pro outfitting business and had to start working like a machine, so we could move to a place with a garden, as he used to kindly explain it to me.
In 2002, we were back to Europe, in France, so that I could go to a good school system and learn how to speak French. It was still pretty hard times and my parents were working a lot. Three years later, we made it. We rented a house in the countryside and... We had a backyard! My dad got us a 16 lbs. stick bow, until he could get himself a compound bow a few months later. That compound bow was a heavy duty Browning Rage in 55lbs (and we still have it!). It was the first compound bow I had ever seen and I loved the look of it.
Still, I was pretty happy with my stickbow and I can guarantee you that first stickbow I got has shot more arrows than it was initially built for! I kept using it until I was 10 and we had modified that bow in all configurations possible. We cut its limbs shorter to increase its speed, we drilled the handle to set up a sight on it, we installed a peep sight, I used camo tape to camouflage it, I glued plastic leaves to it so it could match the DIY ghillie suits I was making with old shirts. It has seen it all, trust me. 
Every night before dinner we’d shoot in the backyard, shooting in all ways and positions, from all distances and angles . When you are passionate about Bow Hunting, that passion grows every day more. My dad and I will never stop hunting, will never abandon our bows. Even when we can't shoot them anymore, we will make sure we sit together in the living room or in the workshop and start crafting something out of the blue for our upcoming bow hunt. 
And now, many years after my first love for bow hunting and those first memories with my father, we keep doing the same thing. Except now we live with one extra variable in mind: will our friends like the gear we manufacture? Will our gear be rugged enough for their next hunting trip? Is it a good fit for their needs? Our backyard sessions today sound more like an R&D team meeting, we test gear and think about things that can make bow hunting more cost-effective for all. I think we are crazy but, friend, how passionate we are! 
We want our customers to know they can absolutely and unconditionally trust STALKER ARCHERY. We are not a big brand with a bunch of shareholders who don't know anything about hunting and wildlife. My father and I work this with our brains and muscles. We want to bring you the best, simplest and most affordable gear you can find so you can go hunting with it. That's it. Nothing less, nothing more.
We select products that simply do the job and will allow you to show the world that you were 'Born to Stalk the Wild'. 
WE are proud to count YOU as one of our family members.
Happy Bow Hunting!
Andrew MOCHKOVITCH, proud son of Cyrille MOCHKOVITCH.
-Founders of STALKER ARCHERY ®.