STALKER Mad Bike® ARPENTER - Mid Drive Electric Tricycle Trike - 750W 48V 17.4Ah 160Nm Torque

STALKER Mad Bike® ARPENTER - Mid Drive Electric Tricycle Trike - 750W 48V 17.4Ah 160Nm Torque

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The STALKER Mad Bike® ARPENTER is the most powerful electric tricycle on the market. Designed to serve as the ultimate utility heavy duty vehicle for all country jobs.

Being equipped with a solid full aluminium 6065-T4 frame and a 100% electric Mid-Drive BAFANG G510 motor of 750 Watts, the ARPENTER is compliant with road use regulations in most U.S States, coupled to a 48V 17.4Ah (835Wh) battery adapted to our design for this 90 lbs. machine. With an average range of 30 to 40 miles, you can choose your riding mode using the throttle, pedal assist or simply ride with the motor off in conventional pedaling.

Thanks to its large rear bucket, the ARPENTER allows you to transport up to 170lbs. of gear in the back.

Max Speed 20MPH by motor assist, faster speeds can be attained by pedaling or in freewheel.

Suitable for users weighting up to 350lbs and up to 6" in height.

Charging Time 4 Hours. Charger and Basic Tools Pack Included (air pump, replacement tube, keys, wrenches, screwdriver, replacement headlamp, replacement display holder).

WARRANTY IN THE AMERICAS : Our products are available for use and have certified standards to comply with Import Regulations in the U.S.A, CANADA and MEXICO. There is no Federal Regulations for electric bicycle that limit their use. However, States and some local authorities may have the decision power to regulate their use by its citizens. Please, check your local regulations and read your local Vehicle Code.

The ARPENTER model benefits from a 2-year warranty for its Frame, its Motor, its Battery and the electronic elements constituting it. The Guarantee is intended to protect you in your purchase for all eventualities relating to manufacturing defects, electronic or electrical malfunctions, malfunctions, frame cracks resulting from normal use. This warranty does not cover the bicycle used in the context of competition or rental, damage related to wear, misuse, absence or lack of maintenance, and any wear parts on the bike.
Our After Sales Service is provided by STALKER Mad Bike® or its Licensed Dealers, placing the satisfaction of our customers at the heart of our work. Regular maintenance of your bike can be carried out at a Cycles repair shop anywhere near you. A Certificate of Ownership of your future ebike will be issued to you by us. In addition, being eager to retain our customers over the long term, STALKER Mad Bike® offers the resale of your used model. All you have to do is get in touch with our Customer Service after your purchase.