MINNOW25        089        165mm/6.5"        42g (1.48 oz.)        #2        90-150cm (3-5ft)

MINNOW25 089 165mm/6.5" 42g (1.48 oz.) #2 90-150cm (3-5ft)

STALKER Mad Baits®
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Four-section designing with the real fish picture painting which makes it looks like a real fish. Our 4-section minnow has the same swimming action as the real fish. The vivid swimming action and lifelike appearance can be easier to attract fish. What is more, this 4-section minnow is connected with the metal. It is strong enough to get a large fish and it is flexible in water. It is the best choice for the fishermen.

An original design product by STALKER Mad Baits®, owned by STALKER OUTDOORS® Group of Brands.